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Vermont School Library Websites

Page history last edited by Mary A. Powers 9 years, 5 months ago

Websites of school libraries in Vermont -- in no particular order, and not even pretending to be an all-inclusive list!

Please add yours. It might be helpful if you also add what web design software or source you used to create it.


Berta Winiker, Mount Anthony Union High School: www.mauhighschool.com - you have to click on Library from the left hand navigation bar. It was created with School Center which is very clunky and this is actually my second creation of the site in 10 years. The first is probably still under my name from the Teacher websites. I think that there are way too many steps needed to access some of the tools on the site but that's the design and not within my control. Not perfect and I spend large amounts of time on it periodically, amending, enhancing.


Mary Ann Kadish, Porter's Point School, Colchester:  http://www.csdvt.org/pps/ - You have to click on Unified Arts and then library.

I did this in html in a web course and then it was added to the school last year.  It still needs to be fixed to run correctly but at least it is a start.


Pamela Burke, Marlboro Elementary School:  http://marlboroschool.net/library - I rebuilt our website using Wordpress a few years ago and it's the best decision I ever made. I wrote an article about it in this issue of the VSLA newsletter: http://vsla.info/archives/51 Basically, I have few static links on the library section of the site. Instead I embed links for each class on their web page when the need arises. Keeps things fresh & simple for the kids. I use delicious to keep track of copious amounts of links for kids, I couldn't do without it.


Amy Foley, Vergennes Union Elementary School:  http://anwsu.org/vues/Library/VUES_Library_Home.htm


Steve Madden, Camels Hump Middle School Library -- We've switched over to SchoolFusion this year as an all-encompassing host, and I have yet to figure out how I want to present the different pages we used to offer. 


Angelica Harris, Enosburg Falls High school: http://enosburgk12.net/efhs_2005/EFHS/index.html   - I maintain the "resources" and library sites at EFHS.


Dan Greene, U-32 High School, Monpelier:  http://u-32library.blogspot.com/  -  I shared this with Carol, so here it is...Not perfect, but it works for us. 


Berta Winniker, Mount Anthony Union High School: 



Ramona Putnam, Whitingham Elementary School / Twin Valley Middle School:  http://www.whitingham.k12.vt.us/LIBRARY/index.html


Kyra Ginalski, Bristol Elementary School:   http://sites.google.com/a/besvt.org/library - Our school has recently started using Google Sites for our website.  I have an account and maintain the library pages.


Marcia Peterson, Ottauquechee School: http://www.hartfordschools.net/Default.aspx?tabid=59 - Our school district uses a system called Dot Net Nuke (or DNN for short)for our websites.  I maintain the website for our school. You can see Owney on the main page right now.  I must admit that I have not kept up the library page very much.  I just have the basic info and make sure it is up to date.  I hope to add more next year.


Georgeanne Bonifanti, Manchester Elementary Middle School:  http://memsmediaworks.wordpress.com/

Take a look at our schools. I have the media center page linked to the school page. Our tech dept is in charge of the school web page. Each dept is in charge of their own page...if we choose to have one...I put something together last summer but have not had time to add to it or change it. Not sure I like it now but don't have the time to start all over. Our automated catalog is linked from the media center home page.

Manchester Elementary Middle School page www.manchesterschools.org

Northshire Library Media Consortium www.northshirelibraries.com


Dale Gasque, Randolph Elementary School: http://www.res.k12.vt.us/  (library link on the navigation bar)  It is well-used, but I wish I had more time to put into it.


Cheryl Kissel, Northfield Elementary School: http://www.wssu.org/nes%20library%20page/ It's mostly pages of web resources on various topics. Like I say on the website, some pages get updated more often than others. I need to do a complete overhaul someday, but that will take more time than I have to spend on it at this point.


Linda McSweeney, Spaulding High School:   http://spauldinglibrary.org/


 Stephanie McMahan, Barre City Elementary and Middle School: http://www.bcemsvt.org


Corinna Stanley, Hinesburg Community School: http://www2.cssu.org/201120814103414473/site/default.asp?


Mary Alice Powers, Windsor High School (I use iWeb from Apple which is easy to create & maintain):   http://windsorschools.net/whs/library



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