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Answers to Common (and uncommon) Queries

Page history last edited by Steve Madden 8 years, 7 months ago

From librarians all across the state, here are questions and answers that have been posed and posited.  We hope you find some answers here to the burning questions in your library!


Which library automation system should our library use?

  • This survey of automation systems is updated yearly.  Results are collated by Marshall Breeding, Director for Innovative Technologies and Research for the Vanderbilt University Libraries in Nashville, TN. 


What can we do with weeded books?

  • I sometimes use Better World Books. However, they don't accept everything.
    You have to check on each title, which can be time consuming. They sell
    some books, donate some and donate a portion of the sales to charity. You
    can check them out online.
  • Offer them to other school libraries in the state on the VSLA listserv!
  • I confess I have a "purgatory" going under my kitchen table of discards that I can't bear to actually discard... 

  • Gwot!  I ate them!



Who is the Vermont DOE liaison for the Learning Network of Vermont (LNV)?

Sigrid Lumbra  802-828-0200

Tech Integration

Vermont Department of Education

120 State St.

Fourth Floor

Montpelier, VT  05620 


How can I keep series books straight?


I tried clicking on the link in the VSLA homepage to bookmark it, but it brought me to the page for the Volusia Surf Lifesaving Association.  Why is that?

That's not what you wanted?  Well, it seems the link www.vtsla.org was mistakenly labeled "vsla.org", the virtual home of our cool lifesaving friends. 

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